The Weight of a Mountain: Artwork

The slogan on mountaineering expeditions is “take only photos, leave only footprints.” Here is your chance to take a piece of the mountain, and the film, home with you.

While climbing Mount Rainier, Dan (the film’s creator and a professional photographer) captured high resolution still photographs along the way. Wrapped up in each frame is a blend of beauty, challenge, power and hope that can connect with your own personal story in a truly unique way.

Only 10 copies of each of the 10 photograph will ever be sold. Each piece is personally signed and numbered by the photographer and the film’s creator, Dan Salvo.

All images are printed on canvas with the highest quality paper and inks to ensure your artwork stands the test of time. Each is printed in a panoramic 1×2 ratio (1 tall x 2 wide), on a 1.5″ thick canvas frame with a white edge, a dustcover on the back, and mounting hardware pre-installed for easy hanging. Specific dimensions are listed in the gallery’s shopping cart. Custom sizes may be available upon request. Printing and mounting typically takes up to two weeks and the artwork will be shipped directly to you.